The best activities on Texel

Experience the best of Texel with these activities

Are you looking for adventurous nature tours, relaxing days on the beach, or exploring Texel’s rich history? Texel has it all! On this page, you will find inspiration for every type of traveler. Discover the best activities on Texel and be surprised by the unique charm of the island.

Seal tour from Oudeschild

Let’s start with the most exciting activity on the water, a speedboat tour with Sop Speedy. A trip with this RIB speedboat offers an unforgettable adventure. You will reach speeds of up to 75 kilometers per hour, a thrill you don’t often encounter on Texel. The seal tour isn’t complete without visiting the seals lying on the sandbanks near Texel. Finally, you will sail past the naval port of Den Helder, where you can see the Dutch navy fleet. This is truly a unique experience that will complete your vacation.

Skydiving on Texel

From the water to high in the sky. Skydiving! At the airport on Texel, you can book a solo or tandem jump and enjoy the spectacular view over the island at high speed. In a tandem jump, you jump with an experienced instructor, and this can be done without a course. The perfect adrenaline rush for people without a fear of heights.

Learn more about seals at ecomare

Ecomare is a nature museum and seal sanctuary on Texel with national recognition, located at the edge of the National Park Dunes of Texel, near De Koog and Strandpaal 17. In the museum, you will learn all about the nature of the Wadden Sea and the North Sea, from seals and porpoises to birds and plants. Ecomare also offers educational programs and excursions, including seal tours and mudflat excursions. The seals are fed twice a day, and it’s quite a spectacle. Make sure you are there during these times to witness it. More about seals.

Texel brewery

The Texelse Bierbrouwerij is an artisanal brewery where the famous Texel specialty beer is brewed. During a tour of the brewery, you will learn all about the brewing process and the history of beer on Texel, and you can also taste various Texel beers in the tasting room.

Cycling on Texel

A relaxing bike ride through the beautiful nature of Texel is an activity in itself. The island is perfect for visiting the best sights of Texel by bike. Rent a bike and discover Texel in an eco-friendly and sporty way, with no less than 140 kilometers of bike paths, you can get everywhere on the island.

Bird watching on Texel

Texel is a paradise for bird lovers, with diverse landscapes that attract numerous bird species. Visit bird areas such as the Slufter, the Mokbaai, and De Geul to spot migratory birds and other special species. For an even more intense experience, you can book a bird tour at, where experienced guides will take you to the best bird watching spots and share their knowledge. Enjoy nature and discover the birds of Texel during your visit.

Texel sheep farm

At Texel Sheep Farm, you can get acquainted with the traditional sheep herding on Texel. The farm offers tours where you will learn more about herding and shearing sheep, and you can even participate in a sheep workshop where you learn how to spin and process wool. A fun and educational activity for the whole family!

Visit the beach of Texel

On the west side of the island, you always end up at the beach, with about 30 kilometers of sandy beach ideal for long walks, a day in the sun, or sporty activities. Due to the tidal changes, you can perfectly catch animals with a net or go mudflat walking. The wide beaches also offer plenty of space for water sports such as kite surfing and windsurfing.

Visit a market

In July and August, there are many different markets on Texel. Almost every day, there is a market to visit. The Monday market is all year round.

Monday market in Den Burg Every Monday from 08:00 to 13:00, there is a large market in the center of Den Burg. Here you will find fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese, fish, flowers, plants, clothing, jewelry, and local products such as Texel sheep cheese, sheep fat ointment, and honey. The market attracts both residents and tourists.

Tuesday evening market in De Koog Every Tuesday evening from 17:00 to 21:00, it is Koger Tuesday in the center of De Koog. Here you will find handmade jewelry, souvenirs, and local delicacies. There is also live music and entertainment.

Wednesday market in Den Burg Every Wednesday from 11:00 to 17:00, there is a cozy summer market in Den Burg. This themed market offers a variety of fun activities, local products, handcrafted items, and delicacies. The Wednesday market is a nice addition to the weekly Monday market.

Thursday market in Den Hoorn On Thursday morning from 10:00 to 14:00, it is Hoornder Thursday in Den Hoorn. This market is known for its art and handcrafted products such as ceramics and paintings. The quiet setting of Den Hoorn ensures a pleasant market experience.

Harbor market in Oudeschild The harbor market in Oudeschild takes place on Friday from 10:00 to 16:00. This market is located on the quay of the harbor in Oudeschild. Here you can enjoy freshly baked fish and local souvenirs.

Summer market in De Cocksdorp In De Cocksdorp, there is the Durper Market every Friday from 11:00 to 17:00. This market offers a variety of stalls with nice products, food, drinks, and entertainment.

Texel offers a perfect mix of nature, culture, and adventure. Now that you know the best activities on Texel, also check out our tips for the main sights of Texel and what to do in Oudeschild. If you are ready for a seal tour, we look forward to seeing you in Oudeschild!