The main sights on Texel

Explore the Wadden Island with These Sights

The sights on Texel that you shouldn’t miss during your vacation are actually too many to list. The Wadden Island is full of unique spots, ranging from special nature reserves with unique breeding grounds to historical sites like the over 150-year-old lighthouse and seven completely different villages. We have mapped out the main attractions to discover Texel.

The Texel Villages

Texel has seven villages, each with its own unique charm and attractions. During your vacation, there are a few villages that you should definitely visit.

Den Burg is the largest village on Texel and the heart of the island. Here you will find cozy shopping streets, various restaurants, and historic buildings. The weekly market on Monday is a must for those who want to discover local products.

De Koog is ideal for bon vivants. This lively village is located directly on the beach and the North Sea and offers many beautiful beaches with beach pavilions, ideal for a day of sun and sea. The village has many restaurants, cafes, and nice shops.

Oudeschild is the fishing village of Texel. Visit the harbor, enjoy fresh fish, and take a boat trip to spot seals. There is a lot to see and do in Oudeschild.

De Cocksdorp is the northernmost village of Texel and is close to the lighthouse. It is a great place for nature lovers and offers beautiful walking and cycling paths through the dunes and along the beach. The lighthouse itself is a popular attraction and offers a fantastic view over the island and the sea.

Den Burg from a Different Perspective

In the summer months, during the Monday market, it is possible to climb the church tower of Den Burg. This gives you a completely different view of the village and the hustle and bustle during the market. No drone footage can compete with that. Be sure to bring your own camera to capture everything. This is not suitable for people with a fear of heights, but the Monday market itself fortunately offers enough stalls full of Texel products and delicacies.

Texel Lighthouse

Also less suitable for people with a fear of heights is the Texel lighthouse, the beacon of the Wadden Island. Anyone who goes to Texel cannot miss it. The lighthouse was built in 1864 but was given a new outer wall after the Second World War. This piece of history is clearly visible when you climb the lighthouse. That’s possible, because it is now the highest museum on Texel. After a strenuous climb, you can see the entire island from the top of the lighthouse, but other Wadden Islands are also clearly visible. This is a very special view.

Nature Reserve De Slufter

De Slufter is a unique nature reserve on the west coast of Texel, where the sea has free rein and special plants and animals can be found. The area consists of salt marshes and dunes and is an important breeding ground for birds. During a walk through De Slufter, you can enjoy beautiful views over the Wadden Sea and the Texel coastline. At high tide, the area can be flooded, so be sure to bring boots.

Fort De Schans

Fort De Schans is a historic fort from the 17th century, located on the south side of Texel. The fort was built in 1574 by order of William of Orange to defend the Texel roads against Spanish invasions. It served to defend the island and is now a protected monument. You can visit the fort yourself or take a guided tour to learn more about the history and the role of Texel in Dutch defense.

Bunkers on texel

During the Second World War, Texel was an important strategic point. Across the island, you will find several bunkers that remind you of this. The bunkers of Texel can be visited and offer a glimpse into the island’s history during the war. Some bunkers have been converted into small museums where you can learn more about Texel’s role in the war. Bunkers that you can visit include the bunker in Den Hoorn and the Texla bunker.

De Hoge Berg

De Hoge Berg (The high mountain) is a hilly area in the middle of Texel, known for its typical Texel landscape with sheep barns, garden walls, and blooming bulb fields. The area offers beautiful walking and cycling routes with panoramic views over the island and the Wadden Sea. At the top of the hill, you will also find a lookout tower where you can enjoy a wide view over Texel.

The Sommeltjespad

The Sommeltjespad is a child-friendly walking route through the woods near De Waal, where children can search for the mythical Texel creatures, the Sommeltjes. Along the route, there are various play equipment and interactive elements, making it a fun and adventurous outing for the whole family. You can find the start of the route here.

As you can see, the island offers enough to complete your vacation on Texel. Whether you enjoy nature, discover history, or simply relax on the beach, Texel has something for everyone.

If you have taken a boat trip, it is nice to explore Oudeschild. For fun activities on Texel, we also have some tips!