Discover what there is to do in Oudeschild

What to do in Oudeschild

Take some time before or after your boat trip to explore the village, as there is plenty to do in Oudeschild. Whether you’re looking for a day full of adventure or are more interested in fishing, history, or nature, Oudeschild offers activities for everyone. We’ve listed the best activities in Oudeschild for you to discover what there is to do in Oudeschild.


Visit the Port of Oudeschild

The port is the beating heart of Oudeschild. There’s always hustle and bustle in the harbor, with plenty to see, such as fishing boats (cutters), excursion ships, and sailing vessels (known as the “brown fleet”). The Wadden Sea harbor is often filled with sailboats and yachts from island visitors. Take a stroll along the quay and enjoy the lively atmosphere in the harbor. Many fishermen are willing to chat. There are also various small shops in the harbor, open daily, where you can buy lovely Texel souvenirs or maritime-related items. We’ve added a webcam of Oudeschild where you can watch live in the harbor.


Grab a Drink at the Harbor

There are plenty of cozy terraces to have a drink or bite to eat in the harbor as well. Enjoy the sun while watching the boats pass by or while waiting for your seal tour. With a beautiful view of the Wadden Sea, you’ll see plenty of ships and small boats passing by.

Enjoy Fresh Fish in Oudeschild

In the port of Oudeschild, there are several restaurants, such as our neighbors, Pakhuus and Havenzicht. These (fish) restaurants offer much more than just fresh fish dishes, but that’s their specialty. There are also several locations to eat fish outside the harbor. All of them guarantee a tasty fresh fish.

Seal Tour

Your visit to Texel isn’t complete without spotting seals! From the harbor, we sail to the Wadden Sea. To a sandbank near Texel where many seals lie and where you can watch seals in their natural environment, often large groups of young and old seals lie there. We can get very close because our boats are quiet and don’t lie deep in the water. Seal spotting is also possible without binoculars. Seals are curious and regularly come to look at the boat. Check out our boat trips here.

Pirate Ship Play Area

The play area in the harbor is a fantastic place for young adventurers to let off steam. In addition to the many water-related play equipment, the centerpiece of the play area is a large wooden pirate ship, complete with ropes, ladders, and slides. Here, children can let their imagination run wild and experience exciting pirate adventures. The ship offers countless opportunities for climbing, clambering, and playing. The play area is surrounded by grass fields, making it a safe and fun place for children to run around and frolic. There are also picnic tables and benches for parents to relax while the children play.

Harbor Market in Oudeschild

Every Friday in June, July, and August (2024), the harbor is bustling with activity. This is because a harbor market is held there every week (from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm), where you can discover everything about fishing and fish. Of course, eating a delicious fish or talking to one of the fishermen is also possible. Furthermore, there are many different stalls with a wide variety of items and a flea market.

Kaap Skil museum

Discover the maritime history of Texel at the Kaap Skil Museum. You’ll find interesting exhibitions about the VOC era, fishing, and shipwrecks. The museum also has an impressive collection of old maps and objects.

Oudeschild Windmill

There are several windmills in Oudeschild and its surroundings. In the village stands the De Traanroeier windmill, unmistakable when you’re in the village. The mill is a sight not to be missed. This mill was formerly used to drive whale oil refineries and is located in Kaap Skil. The mill is still regularly used for grinding grain, which is used in Texel products. The mill is clearly visible from outside the museum but can be admired from the inside when you visit the museum.

Texel Brewery

Between Oudeschild and Den Burg is the Texel Brewery. You can take a tour to see how the beer is made and enjoy a tasting. Not suitable for children but great fun for adults, even if you’re not a big fan of beer.

The Village of Oudeschild

All good things must come to an end, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case; the village has much more to offer if you can take the time to walk or cycle through it calmly. The village has a rich fishing history and numerous old and interesting sights. To give you a tour of the village, you can watch the video of Oudeschild.

More about seals or book a fun seal tour? Check out our ticket page and book online directly!