Seal tours Texel

Seal safari: experience one and a half hours of adventure!

With a small group of a maximum of twelve people, sail is set to the coast of Texel. The place where seals can be found. A special one and a half hour trip to nature reserve and uninhabited island Noorderhaaks.

The boat “Het Sop” is not a large boat and can therefore get close to the animals over the shallows. The special seal tours of “Het Sop” therefore guarantee spotting many common and gray seals. The panorama deck offers the opportunity to take the most beautiful photos and videos of the seal area. Curious seals regularly swim at the boat and make the trip a unique experience. You will also experience the effect of a speedboat during the trip: traveling to and from the port of Oudeschild with about twenty-three knots. An experience in itself!

Another possibility is a visit to “Vogelzand” on the mudflats: part of UNESCO World Heritage.